Hello there, you have discovered my web page!

Firstly, I would like to welcome you and hope that after reading through, you will be excited, convinced and glad that you came to this page!

Today, if you are looking to build your own business to achieve a predictable financial security and the freedom to manage your work-life better, you have come to the right place.

I have done up this website for one simple reason: to provide entrepreneur seekers like you with an intuitive, up-to-date, working strategies and tactics that have worked for me.

Perhaps, let us take a step back to how I get started.


If you have ever wish to step out of your regular 9-6 traditional job, or wanting to do more than what your regular job can bring you financially, please be comforted firstly that you are normal. Nothing abnormal for wanting to find fulfilment in what you do and enjoy the outcome of it financially.

Stay with me in here and I will show you how to make the first critical step.

Let us address some key concerns you may be facing right now and hopefully after going through can help you elevate some of these issues.

Loose your job focus while you are trying to build your business

We understand that your job is important now while you strategize out your business plans. Thus, we will work with you to come out a suitable schedule that makes sense for you so that you can concentrate and deliver results when at work and your business.

No time for personal life with family, friends or myself

Similarly, to concern #1, we will work out a schedule that factors in your family and personal time so that you do not feel overwhelmed and stretched.

You will be surprised at how easy you can complement your business into your personal time activities because we believe that doing business should not alienate your loved ones and friends.

 It is too risky! I do not have the knowledge, skill or experience to start a business,
least build it.

Every business has risk so it is our responsibility to minimize it for you. I have set up a system and it has being working so I am confident that it will work for you too!

Our system comes with regular learning and development so you can pick up new skills and knowledge to help you with your business development and management.

 Starting a business is expensive. I need to have a large start up capital.

On the contrary, you can start a business with a very minimum sum and investment. There is no need to have expensive tools, just your phone and computer with internet access will be sufficient.

What you need is people management skills and we know human is difficult to manage, but we will show you how.

I have walked this journey and helping my team with it too. I know it is daunting but I want to assure you that it works!

To help you along, here are some of the available tools that can help you.

The internet that we live with today has advanced so much and you can find great and cheap solutions in there. To top it up, our mobile phones and devices have not lag behind as it avail many similar great and affordable solutions too!

Here are some combinations of available solutions from the internet for my notebook and my mobile devices in my business

  1. Mobile internet messaging like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Line etc.
    Choose one that you are most comfortable and use often. Remember that if you wish to reach your customers base overseas, do check in with them which messaging platform is most widely use there.
    Staying available for your clients to reach you is important so do not be overwhelmed with too many icons in your mobile phone.
  2. Email account like Gmail, yahoo
    Having an email account may or may not be important to you unless you have large files that you would like send across to your clients.
    At this point, I would like to encourage you to invest a bit more in getting a domain name. Take time to think of a few names that best fits your business, your value, your branding, your reputation etc. You may wish to invest in some names as you take your business further, you might find the convenience and necessity to have some other domain names.
  3. Social media platform like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc
    This is where you first need to have an account where you can do your awareness, promoting.


When I first embarked in my business, I remembered being excited and anxious all at once. I know what I want and what drives me but I feel like I do not where to start and overwhelm with the amount of things I need to do.

In addition, at times I felt like I have bitten off too much that I can chew. I felt inadequate skills, experience and knowledge wise in doing business. I know deep down that I can make it and I wanted my business to succeed so badly I simply do. Yes, I have bumped into the walls many times, made some costly mistakes and judgements but I preserved because of the vision and goals I am set in achieving.

Today, if you are serious in making your life count, achieving what you have set out to achieve, I am more than happy to assist you and show you the way.

However, success comes with a price and commitment. Some may not be suitable yet but if you are, please read on. If you are not, do not worry, come back again when you are ready. Before you leave, please click here to leave with us your contact so that we can continue to send you articles of encouragement to gear you towards being ready for entrepreneurship.

How do you know that you are ready for success?

  1. If you are looking to do more with your life
  2. If you are committed and making time to grow yourself
  3. If you are relentless and motivated towards achieving your goals
  4. If you are a hardworking and disciplined
I am looking for self disciplined, motivated, enthusiastic, focused, teachable, team player and hardworking individuals to be part of my team. If you possess these traits, let’s chat!

You can leave me your contact details here or message me on Facebook and I will personally review and arrange a meet up session if you are suitable. We will talk about your goals and develop an actionable plans catered uniquely for you.

Remember, if you want to succeed, you need to be focused and committed.

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