Good HabitsYou cannot build a business without a team.  Entrepreneurs sometimes just looses sight on this as they focus on getting in more business.

Entrepreneurs also forget that not everyone is like them — seeing the big picture, knowing where the company is headed, anticipating the next move and the vision for the business. To do that, entrepreneurs need to learn to lead and delegate.

Your staff look to you for most things so it is important for entrepreneurs to develop a set of habits to help them along.

1. Visionary

Influential entrepreneurs spend a lot of time thinking and visioning their business and how they can solve their clients’ needs.

They are naturally innovative and are almost constantly identifying any discovery. They dare to dream and make them into reality and that is usually what sets them apart.

2. Early risers

Effective entrepreneurs start out each day early and with some form of physical activity. It’s the method they use to wake themselves up, get their blood pumping and their mind sharp.

They prefer to getting into the office before others to work without interruption and let them get ahead of the game.

3. Schedule & Prioritise

Successful entrepreneurs increase their efficiency by having a proper schedule and prioritising them so that they can be present and maximize each appointment and activity.

4. Rest (sleep/nap)

Successful entrepreneurs never undervalue the importance of rest. They need to  be sharp, emotionally available, and on-the-ball in all areas of their career. Failing to have sufficient rest, decreases in work productivity and increases in emotional reactivity and intolerance.

5. Journal

Successful entrepreneurs journal down all that is important and relevant to them. They write lists, goals, or write for the purpose of venting their frustrations.  Issues that they cannot share with anyone in the company or family so journaling become entrepreneurs’’ best friend and confidante.

Besides it is found that writing has numerous benefits. It requires engagement from both sides of the brain, making the brainstorming or problem-solving process more complete and innovative.

Writing is crucial when it comes to settling emotional reactivity. It unwinds emotions caused by stress or conflict by providing a much needed disconnect from the daily grind of consistent talking, emailing, taking calls, and other distractions which come alone with electronic devices.

Finally writing helps them be in touch with the more existential aspects of life, reminding them of the bigger picture of what they’re striving for.

7. Flexible

Be flexible to change the direction of your sail.  This ensures their chances of success and also enhances their own learning, growth, and education. The routines they live by are simple by design because this simplicity is easy to maintain no matter their circumstances.

Successful entrepreneurs make it a habit to only need the bare essentials. This increases productivity because their set-up to work and communicate doesn’t require anything special for them to be effective whether they’re at the beach or in the office.

8. Conscious in delivering value

Business exists because they deliver something that someone needs.  Be it to solve a pain, increase production/efficiency or give them more time to spend with family, so as entrepreneurs they need to think along the line on how to make life and work easier and simpler for another.